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Version History of Viobo MySQL to MSSQL Tool

MySQL To MSSQL Data MigratorViobo MySQL to MSSQL Data Migrator can migrate seamlessly from MySQL data to MSSQL data. The user-friendly interface helps users operate the data of databases easily and view its effect in real time. The Users can also backup the data of different kinds of database system into Data-Files with the uniform format in directory named BACKUP in the modulpath, including Text-file, etc.

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What's new in MySQL To MSSQL Data Migrator 1.8

  • New Features:

    1. Add LOG Operation.
    2. Add Extern Multi Sessions.
    3. Add Import Operation.
    4. Add Supporting to Mysql enum data type.

  • Modified Functions:

    1. Modify 'Backup' to 'Export'.
    2. Modify several Bug of version 1.5.
    3. Modify Date Format in Log.
    4. Modify the data size limit of 8K to 64K.
    5. User can choose Source/Target Side DB to test/connect.

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Buy it $129.97 by Regnow


What's new in MySQL To MSSQL Data Migrator 1.5

  • New Features:

    1. Add Database Connector, Driver or Provider auto check.
    2. Add help to install Driver from local.
    3. Add tcp/ip:port connect mode.
    4. Improve the save structure of backup.
    5. System process optimization.
    6. User interface optimization.

  • Modified Functions:

    1. Rename table on target database
    2. Drop table on target database
    3. Drop view on target database
    4. Clear data of all tables
    5. Clear data of database(include all structure of tables)
    6. Add foreign key migration
    7. Add index migration
    8. Correct some bugs
    9. Improve the efficiency and rationality of process
    10. Limits of Trial Version that max. 200 records per table improve to 1000.


What's new in MySQL to MSSQL Converter 1.0

  • Main Features:

    1. User-friendly interface
    2. Compatible with most major versions of MySQL and MSSQL
    3. Support the major kinds of standard character sets
    4. Support converting with conditions
    5. Drag and drop the objects of tree to convert data between database systems
    6. Provide more simple operations
    7. Flexible Tasks Scheduling
    8. Full install/uninstall support.

Viobo MySQL to MSSQL Converter 1.0 is the old version of Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Data Migrator, you can still free download (5.11M) and buy now.