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Viobo MySQL to MSSQL Data Migrator

MySQL To MSSQL Data MigratorViobo MySQL to MSSQL Data Migrator is the simplest data migrator between MSSQL and MySQL currently. It can migrate data from MySQL to MSSQL database system easily and fast; you can drag and drop the object of the tree-like databases to migrate and backup data; it supports all versions of MySQL and MSSQL, supports both oledb and odbc database provider. NO DBA experience is required.

There is also portable version to download and Regnow purchase way.

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Free Download

  • Table & View Migration
  • Remote & Local Migration
  • Keys & Indexes Migration
  • Relations Migration
  • Character Sets Choice
  • Driver/Provider Check
  • Target Side Remote & Local Backup
  • Target Side Table Rename
  • Target Side Selected Remove
  • Migration With Condition



Note: We provide also business version that one business licence allows to use it on 1-5 computers and we provide lifetime free technic support for business version users. Please download it (Setup File or Portable Version) and purchase it $129.97 by Avangate or by Regnow.

Main Features of this Data Migration Tool

  • Flexible Tasks Scheduling:
    In Tasks List, User can get the all tasks states and cancel, sort, start, stop and restart the task in the task queue.
  • User-friendly interface:
    The user-friendly interface helps users operate the data of databases easily and view its effect in real time.
  • Compatible with most major versions of MySQL and MSSQL:
    The tool are compatible with most major versions of MySQL and MSSQL, including SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008, MYSQL 3.5 to 5.2, etc.
  • Support the major kinds of standard character sets:
    The operations of the tool support the major kinds of standard character sets very well.
  • Support converting with conditions:
    The tool also help Users to define his own operation conditions to make the converting tasks pertinent.
  • Drag and drop the objects of tree to convert data between database systems:
    Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Data Migrator display databases as Tree-structure. Users can drag and drop objects in multi-tree to operate data in multi-dababases from one to another.
  • Provide more simple operations:
    Minimal resource required, complete DBA tasks with NO experience of database operations. Customize your data conversion process and database copying totally.
  • Full install/uninstall support.

Screenshost of this Data Migration Tool

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