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Version History of Viobo MSSQL to Access Tool

MSSQL To Access Data MigratorViobo MSSQL to Access Data Migrator can operate Views, Indexes, Primary Key, Foreign Keys in Access without other Client Software, and can manage data structure in Access simply.

The user-friendly interface helps user operate the data of databases easily and get its effect in real time. The User can also backup the data of Access .mdb file into Data-Files with the script (txt) format in user defined directory.
Tasks-Queue and Multithread-Management mechanism of the tool can enhance speed of migrating and keep integrality of the mass data. In the Tasks List, User can sort, delete, stop/start and clear all waiting tasks.

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What's new in MSSQL To Access Data Migrator 1.0

  • Main Features:

    1. All MS SQL data types and attributes are supported
    2. Work with all versions of MS SQL starting from 7.0 and Access
    3. Convert DDL and all types with all necessary attributes
    4. Fast conversion engine (500MB Data - in 2 minutes on XP system)
    5. Merge MS SQL data into an existing MS Access database
    6. Convert individual tables/views/indexes/Relationships
    7. Easy-to-use drag-drop-style interface
    8. Database Connector, Driver or Provider auto check
    9. Work with tcp/ip:port connect mode to MS SQL
    10. Full install/uninstall support

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