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Viobo Access to MySQL Data Migrator

Access To MySQL Data MigratorViobo Access to MySQL Data Migrator is the simplest data-migrator between Access and MySQL currently. It migrates data from Access to MySQL database system accurately and easily, without database administrator experience.

The tool is compatible with most major versions of Access and MySQL, including MySQL 3.x to 6.x, Access 2000 to 2007, etc. The tool needs odbc or oledb database provider without official client software. The Data Migrator supports the all connection types of Access and MySQL. And it supports InnoDB, MyISAM storage Mode of MySQL.

There is also portable version to download and Regnow purchase way.

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  • Table & View Migration
  • Remote & Local Migration
  • Keys & Indexes Migration
  • Relations Migration
  • Character Sets Choice
  • Driver/Provider Check
  • Target Side Remote & Local Backup
  • Target Side Table Rename
  • Target Side Selected Remove
  • Migration With Condition



Note: We provide also business version that one business licence allows to use it on 1-5 computers and we provide lifetime free technic support for business version users. Please download it (Setup File or Portable Version) and purchase it $129.97 by Avangate or by Regnow.

Limits of Trial Version:
max.1000 records per table, 10 tables per Database, and 30 days expired.

Main Features of this Data Migration Tool

Viobo Access to MySQL Data Migrator and our customization services ensure high automation of the entire database migration process - from DDL to data, from completion to optimization/alternative, from anytime to fixed time conversion - at reasonable cost.

  • Easy to use
    The friendly User-Interface helps users operate the data/DDL of databases easily and view its effect in real time.
    Drag and drop of any visible object of the tree(database) to complete the migration operation.
  • Remote/Local Data Migration
    Viobo Data Migrators are aimed at remote data Migration and Backup.
  • High Automation of All Migration Phases - Consistent and Integrated
    1. Database schema/DDL, server-side logic (triggers etc).
    2. Data transfer and validation.
    3. Entire SQL scripts record.
  • Fast Customization - Fixes, custom conversions and optimizations
    The tool also help User to define his own operation conditions to make the migrating tasks more pertinent.
  • Flexible Tasks Scheduling
    In Tasks List, User can get the all tasks states and cancel, sort, start, stop and restart the task in the task queue.
  • Intelligent and maintainable - need no any Viobo's middleware after conversion
    After migration, Viobo Data Migrator can reserve the all need SQL script of special migration for user.
    We are committed to providing automated conversion generating readable and maintainable code, using best practices of the target platform rather than emulating the legacy system.
  • Optimized Conversion
    With optimized SQL condition clause, user can refine the daily mass data.
    You can easily convert standalone SQL statements, scripts and various code fragments.
  • Experience
    Database migration is a rather complex task. It involves high risks and requires expertise in various technology platforms.
    Our highly experienced and qualified team will render you comprehensive assistance with assessment, Viobo Data Migrator configuration, autocheck of connection environment and migration solutions.

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Buy it $49.97 by Avangate

Free Download

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